Scuba Diving in Hurghada

Once only a small fishing village, Hurghada was actually the first commercial diving destination in the Red Sea, and not the widely acclaimed Sharm El Sheikh. The lively resort of Hurghada, offering a real glimpse of the ‘real’ Egypt, is situated on the west coast of the Red Sea and is only an hour flight from the UK. It is also only one hour flight from Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

Whether you are looking for a superb diving experience and/or a holiday diving combined with all the facilities a modern resort has to offer, Hurghada is populated with a host of outstanding hotels. Coupled with all the amenities you may require and being close enough to town, Hurghada provides the perfect base for all scuba divers.

For the holiday visitors, there is again everything that you would need. Pharmacies and chemists, international banks and various shopping outlets and markets stalls. For scuba divers there are two resorts complete with decompression chambers and a fully equipped hospital…just in case!

Scuba diving in Hurghada is surrounded by many reefs and wrecks. The local wreck of the Elmina (the Egyptian navy minesweeper sunk in 1970 by Israeli fighters) just 10 minutes from the Hurghada harbour, lies between 17 and 32 metres depth. Not only a captivating piece of history but also offers great drift diving due to its strong currents surrounding its location.

Giftun Island lies just off the Hurghada shoreline, providing excellent reefs and walls. Not only fascinating and unrivalled scuba diving for both experienced and non-experienced scuba divers but it is home to dolphins, which regularly play in its lagoons, and some other sought after pelagic creatures of the deep blue.

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